Plant Rental

Plant Rental In the Orlando Area

Plant rental in the Orlando area is booming. Have you ever been to an airport, a wedding, a bank, doctors office, or a hotel there is a large chance those plants are being rented. If you have an office space spruce it up with some deep green foliage.  I know myself when walking into my doctor’s office I like for it to be inviting. So call today and one of our interior designers help you design and put on the wedding or convention of the year. Orlando Plant rental .

 Orlando Plant Rental

Let us help you put the finishing touches on your special event.
Plants can add a relaxing, special touch to any occasions. From an intimate garden theme to a grand scale event, plants can create just the right ambience. We’ll consult with you to pick just the right look, deliver and set up the foliage for your function, and then pick them up afterwards

The selection of the decorative container the plant is presented in could also be tied into the theme and atmosphere. For example, white for weddings, terra cotta for the garden or Italian theme, brown wicker or burlap for jungle theme or rolled rim white or black container for a more sophisticated affair.

Plant rental is easy just sit back and let us do all of the work.

Foliage and flowering plants add a finishing touch to any special event or set the mood for any type of event.
Lighting in the plants, whether spot lights or mini lights, will add a different look and depth to the room.
Plants can be selected to create an atmosphere, fill in spaces and “hide” items that are difficult to manage or fill with other decorations and props.
A grouping of plants with Palms and low foliage and ferns will add so much life to a stage or any other focal points.  In a large empty space, a plant grouping will make the bride & groom or speaker on a stage stand out and enhance the set. Likewise, a selection of plants can totally transform a “gymnasium-look” to an elegant, friendly reception hall.
So, the next time a special event challenges you with large open or unsightly spaces, a specific theme, or small budget to work with, remember plants could be a great solution to your problems.

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