Celebration Grass

If you’re looking for a turf for golf courses, polo fields or other sports venues, Celebration Bermuda is one rugged performer. Attractive as well as durable, Celebration is a hybrid cultivar of Bermuda grass developed in Australia for exceptional functionality in a wide range of applications. In fact, Celebration was rated #1 for wear and overall turf quality by a North Carolina State University study.

Engineered for superior wear, Celebration stands up to the heaviest traffic and – if injured – recovers rapidly. Add to that an excellent tolerance for heat (up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit) in dry or tropical climates and outstanding performance in full sun for a drought-tolerant variety of Bermuda grass that’s ideal for:

  • Sports fields
  • Golf courses
  • Country clubs
  • Parks
  • Recreation areas
  • High schools
  • Colleges
  • Homes with children and pets
  • And more…

Surprisingly, Celebration is also tolerant of moderate shade. A Clemson University study rated Celebration #1 for shade tolerance among Bermuda grass cultivars. Celebration is also the top seller in Bermuda grass rating over 60%. Contact us today!

Exceptional For Golf Course Renovations!