Apple Tree

Apple trees are deciduous, fruit bearing trees that grow primarily in the northern hemisphere. They prefer the dry climate and warm summers of Canada and America, and cannot be grown in the tropics, or above the Arctic Circle. There are some apple trees that are now cultivated in Australia and New Zealand. When grown in the wild, apple trees often have thorns on the branches, in order to protect the fruit.

Apple trees are also flowering trees, and it is the pollination of their flowers that will allow for fruit to grow. When planting apple trees in a garden, it is important to know that many apple trees do not self-pollinate. For this reason, only one apple tree in the garden may not be able to produce much, if any fruit. To solve this, plant several different varieties of apple trees with similar flowering times to allow for cross-pollination. Apple trees should be planted in November, if possible. They can also be planted up to the end of March. This is when the soil is most friable. The apple trees should be planted firmly, with the soil pressed down hard around the roots. The apple trees should then be tied to a strong enough stake, for support until the roots take hold. Mulch should be applied around the base of the apple trees, to help retain moisture during the first growing period.

Caring For You Apple Tree

Apple tree care is fairly easy and relatively straightforward. The plants require a good deal of moisture, but no standing water that will damage the tree. The site selected should have well draining soil in order to avoid water damage or root rot. Fertilization should not be done during planting, or the roots may be burned.

Another part of apple tree care is proper pruning. Pruning an apple tree involves not only pruning branches and foliage, but also thinning out the fruit. Proper pruning of any fruit tree is essential to producing a strong enough frame to bear plentiful fruit. It is important to note that apple trees will often produce more fruit than the branches can support, and the excess must be removed manually to prevent broken limbs. Apple tree care also involves pruning of the branches. This should take place during the winter, while the tree is dormant. Pruning during dormancy will invigorate the tree into growing more the following season. Once the tree has reached the desired size, pruning during the summer will help to prevent future growth. Contact us today @ Orlando Outdoors!