Playground Mulch Orlando

Are you looking for playground mulch? Orlando Outdoors has on of the largest selections of mulch in Orlando. Play Safe Rubber Playground Mulch Orlando comes in  5/8” nuggets. It’s the ideal loose fill material for playgrounds at a cost ranging from $4.20 – $4.35 per square foot. Maintain just 6 inches in depth and your playground is protected to a 10- foot fall height (ASTM F 1292-99) and is ADA accessible under ASTM F 1951-99. It is 100% metal free, contains virtually no nylon cord and comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the chips and the coloring lasts up to 5 years or more.  Even the black color leaves no residue on your children.  Play Safe rubber playground mulch Orlando can be leveled with a yard rake, washed by simply hosing it down and drains so well, kids can play on it in just a few minutes after a rain.   It is designed with the idea that the return on investment is as important as safety.  If loose fill is not your preference, we offer a Mulch Pour-N-Place to eliminate ongoing maintenance problems.

Playground Mulch Orlando

Playground mulch Orlando is a unique rubber granule made from 100% recycled scrap tires, created to protect your children and the environment. Proven to be the most effective safety surfacing available, Rubber Mulch cushions the impact of dangerous falls and shields children from playground injuries. Strong, resilient, and almost effortless to maintain, Rubber Mulch Playground surfacing is ready for fun no matter what the weather!

Benefits of Playground Mulch Orlando

  • Safe for kids
  • Does not rub off on kids
  • Dries quickly
  • Comes in different colors