Growing ferns differs from growing other types of plants in many ways. First of all, many plants need partial to full sun to be able to survive in a garden. Growing ferns in partial to full sun, on the other hand, will be extremely detrimental to the health of the plants. The natural habitat of many ferns is the rainforest, and they have become accustomed to being shaded and having lots of moisture.

Growing ferns differs from other plants in the amount of moisture needed. Most plants will get along fine when watered a couple times a week at most. Ferns, on the other hand, require constant moisture in both the soil and the air in order to grow properly. Misting the leaves of a fern plant is the best way to mimic the extremely humid atmosphere that the plants are generally local to.

Another difference between growing ferns and growing other perennials is that ferns will often not survive harsh frosts in the winter. Most perennials are used to the cold winter months and build strong root structures in order to survive. Ferns, as they are generally used to living in warmer climates, cannot survive the cold. In order to prevent ferns from dying over the winter, it is often necessary to remove them from the garden and plant them in pots and hanging baskets indoors. Contact us today!