Bergerac Pavers

Offering the same qualities as its larger counterpart, but on a slightly smaller scale, Bergerac is reminiscent of ancient Roman cobbled stone. Its intriguing multi-color blends and circle pavers expand your ability to create incredibly complex and unique designs. The quality work and craftsmanship of the Bergerac pavers are endless. and when you see the final product it is breath taking. Bergerac pavers are very popular because you get an elegant classic Roman feel to it.

Bergerac Pavers Styles

These Bergerac pavers come in different sizes and colors. Our design team can color match and colors to your liking and taste. There are different designs and different ways to place the Bergerac pavers to give it the great look like in the photo. Add some lighting for great effects in the evening or inviting people over for a cookout.

Let One of our designers help you pick out designs and layout of the pavers. Contact us today at Orlando Outdoors!