Bergerac Circle

Of clearly rustic lineage, Bergerac’s finely nobbled surface, irregular shapes and rich granite-like texture all hark back to those ancient paving stones born of the art and craft of the old stone cutters of yore. Bergerac paving stones come in five delicately shaded colors designed to blend in natural harmony with those of Dublin Cobble paving stone and Celtic retaining walls, as well as with several of the most popular brick colors.

A highly distinctive paving stone, Bergerac is destined, as Dublin Cobble was to become the model and inspiration for a whole new generation of paving and masonry products. But, just as there is still only one genuine Dublin Cobble, there will always be only one authentic Bergerac.the one with panache!

The Bergerac® collection includes the sizes and shapes needed to create dynamic circle patterns – those special accents that can often mean the difference between nice and wow. The circle was developed to complement the colors and texture of Belgard’s standard Bergerac pavers. Contact us today @ Orlando Outdoors!