Cherry Tree

cherry tree is a flowering deciduous tree that bears fruit. The fruit of the cherry tree are round, with a depression at the apex. The skin of the fruit is smooth and ranges from pale to very deep red, although there are some white and yellow cultivars. The fruit of the cherry tree is generally either sweet or sour, but there are a few intermediate types. A cherry tree ranges in size from six to thirty feet, depending on the cultivar. There are also some shrub cherry trees. A cherry tree has distinct reddish brown bark. The bark of a cherry tree has rows or patches of horizontal markings called lenticels. The foliage of a cherry tree is pale to dark green. The leaves are two to six inches long, and have a finely toothed edge. The cherry tree is in the same genus as prunes and plums, but the fruit is much smaller. The geographical range of a cherry tree is throughout most of Asia and Europe, northern Africa and most of North America. Originally from Asia, the cherry tree also includes cultivars that will grow in arctic regions. Most breeds, however, thrive best in zones four through eight.

There are two basic types of cherry trees, sweet cherries and sour cherries. The sweet cherry is the one you can eat right off of the tree. The sour cherry is commonly used in baking. The renowned cherry pie is usually made with a sour cherry. Cherry trees can grow to 30 feet tall or more, depending on the rootstock. Cherries ripen early and most are ready for harvest in late spring. Contact us today at Orlando Outdoors!