Pensacola Grass

Pensacola Bahia grass is a warm season perennial pasture grass discovered near Pensacola, Florida, by a University of Florida Agricultural Extension Agent. Pensacola provides abundant forage even on the poorest of soil types. Used also as a lawn grass on poor sandy areas and used throughout the deep south as a road embankments grass. Prolific seed production during the summer months May through September. Spreads by seed and root stolen. Pensacola Bahia Lawn Grass Seed – Pensacola bahia grass makes an excellent low maintenance lawn with great drought and insect resistance. Pensacola bahia provides an economical lawn grass or ground cover for the warm climate areas.  Pensacola Bahia lawn grass seed is commonly used in Lawn, Pasture and erosion control applications throughout the Southeastern United States.

Bahia grasses are very good low maintenance, warm season, perennial grasses used for both lawn and pastures throughout the deep south. Argentine and Pensacola are dual purpose grasses used both for lawns and pastures.