Orlando Sod

Sod is mature lawn that has been carefully and professionally cultivated; cut into thick squares or rolls with the underlying soil and roots, and shipped to a nursery or job site to be laid down for an “instant new lawn.”

Once sod has been cut it is best to plant it within 24 hours. If working with a distributor you can order the sod ahead of time to be delivered on a certain day. If buying from a nursery make sure the pallets are not yellowed and that the sod looks moist and fresh. It will wilt and die quickly in hot weather, but will last a little longer in cool climates. If you cannot plant the sod immediately store the pallets in shade and keep them moist.

Types of sod include but not limited to Bahia, Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, Celebration, Tifway 419, Bitter Blue, Floratam, Palmetto, Seville, Empire, and Jamur.

Orlando Sod typically has it’s seasons there is rainy around Mar-May and then very hot and humid. Contact us today! Call Today !    407-909-1835