Bermuda Grass

BERMUDA GRASS is considered the “South’s Grass”, a favorite in texture and color for all areas of usage.

This perennial grass grows in tropical, sub-tropical and the transition zones. Found extensively on lawns, golf courses, sports fields and arenas, reclamation areas, parks, coastal areas and pastures.

Bermuda grass was brought to America in the 1500’s from Africa via the Spaniards. Since that time has developed from the basic forage grass into one of the major grass species used on the most exclusive golf greens worldwide. This grass is a perennial sod former, dark green, drought resistant, low growing, fast repairing, full sun, has fair salt tolerance, can be mown closely, forms a dense turf, goes into dormancy when temperatures drop below 60 degrees and greens up fast when temperatures rise. Once only grown from sod or sprigged, bermuda grass is now readily available as seed in both common bermuda grass and improved varieties. Bermuda grass spreads by rhizomes and stolons and is a highly diversified grass. Contact us today! Call Today !    407-909-1835

Types of Bermuda grass are but not limited to Celebration and Tifway 419.