Argentine grass

Argentine is a Bahia “selection” of Bahia grass that originated from the country of Argentina in South America.  The variety was developed by University initially for its forage production qualities.  This vareity is also sometimes referred to as “Argentina” Bahia.

Argentine has wide broad leaves with a good darker green color, making it more suitable for Lawns in Florida and other Coastal Southern states.  It’s susceptibility to cold, results in winter kill of stands planted North of approximately Tifton, Georgia.   It is used extensively for lawns, because of its attractive look and the fact that it produces less “objectionable” seed heads than other Bahias.  Best for use in full sun areas. Argentine can at times be a little difficult to establish.  It is more susceptible to soil and weather conditions than is Pensacola Bahia which affects the germination.  It also has few dormant seeds, so adverse conditions when planted can be a factor.  Water being the key factor, to initiate the germination and keep the plants alive until they grow big enough for their root systems to establish.  It normally germinates in 10-20 days with 14 days considered the normal germinating time under ideal conditions.  I have seen locations where Argentine seeds planted in March, were still just germinating in September – October.  The key is water, fertilize, keep your area planted mowed to reduce weed competition and be patient.