Pine Bark

One of the most popular mulches used today, Pine Bark mulches are derived from a wide range of sources from the southern states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida etc. In short where the Pine trees grow and flourish. These mulches are available in bagged or bulk forms, but are more commonly purchases in bagged sources.

Two of the popular attributes of pine bark mulches are those of it’s decorative reddish brown texture as well as it’s slower rate of decomposition compared to some mulches. It’s available in one of four grades being Nuggets, Mini Nuggets, Shredded Mulch, and Humus. The most popular sold at Orlando Outdoors is Pine Bark Shredded Mulch which is a uniform shredded mixture that is great for a wide range of uses including slopes. Piine Bark Humus is a finer saw dust textured mulch that is great for mulching annual and perennial flower beds especially annual flower beds where yearly cultivation would allow cultivating last years mulch into the soil as a conditioning organic media. Contact us today! Call Today !    407-909-1835

When utilizing weed barrier fabrics, pine bark mulch is a great choice due to it’s slower decomposition rate.

Features of Pine Bark Mulch

  • Double Shreaded 100% Natural Pine Bark
  • Insect Resistant
  • Suppresses weeds and prevents weed germination when applied deep enough.
  • Cypress’ natural light color reduces air temperature and water loss from around plants.
  • Double shredded to create a uniform product and help mulch stay in place after installation.
  • Cypress Mulch is light in weight which makes installation easy.
  • Cypress Mulch breaks down to add nutrients to the soil.