Grapefruit Tree

Grapefruit  are large trees. . Grapefruit trees will usually get to be about 10′ to 12′ tall and spread to a 10′ to 12′ diameter. Grapefruit trees usually have a more acid taste than oranges and tangerines. Some have some sweetness and some are even much less acid, even mild, compared to standard grapefruit. Grapefruit usually ripen starting in December and will hang in good quality on the trees into early and mid-spring. Grapefruit have thicker skin than oranges, but what awaits inside is a real taste treat.

Citrus trees that are purchased in fall or winter need to be kept in the pots until late March or when all danger of freeze has passed. Do not plant these trees before late March or they will very likely die in the winter freezes. Bring them into the garage or house if there is going to be a frost and take them back out after the frost. Plant them in an area that receives at least ½ day of sun. If possible, plant them on the south side of a house or building or where they will get a lot of protection from winter winds. Citrus do not require full sun as most other fruit trees, however the more sun the more production of fruit. Plant them in existing soil without amenities, and make sure the graft is a couple of inches above the soil line. Water every few days while in pots unless it rains. Test the soil in the pot by pushing your finger into the soil. If it is dry an inch down, it is time to water. When planted in the ground, water every day for a few days and then back off to once a week unless it rains.

Bloomsweet Grapefruit This citrus is a cross between a pummelo & a sour orange. It is a hefty yellow grapefruit, with thinner skin, very juicy, fairly sweet pale flesh. The unique flavor of grapefruit & orange makes this the sweetest grapefruit with flavor that is not found in any other grapefruit. It is easy to peel & segment, and ripens November/December. It has good moderate freeze tolerance.

Golden Grapefruit An outstanding tasting grapefruit that is very hard to find. This is an exceptional fruit for which we have been waiting to offer, for a long time.

Rio Red  Large size tree, early maturity. Fruit is oblong, sweet, seedless, & low in acid. The pulp & flesh is deeply pigmented & has high juice content.

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