Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch is a growing category of mulches that displays a blondish tan shredded texture that is widely known for it’s very slow decomposition rate. Though some gardener’s don’t prefer it’s lighter blonde color, it’s slow decomposition rate makes it a good choice for the gardener that may not want to apply mulches so often. Contact us today! Call Today !    407-909-1835

Cypress mulch is usually only found in a bagged source.

Features of Cypress Mulch

  • Double Shreaded 100% Natural Cypress Bark
  • Insect Resistant
  • Suppresses weeds and prevents weed germination when applied deep enough.
  • Cypress’ natural light color reduces air temperature and water loss from around plants.
  • Double shredded to create a uniform product and help mulch stay in place after installation.
  • Cypress Mulch is light in weight which makes installation easy.
  • Cypress Mulch breaks down to add nutrients to the soil.

Orlando Cypress Mulch