Zoysia Grass

The basic maintenance for Zoysia lawns will be dependent upon soil fertility, rainfall, full sun or shadier area, grown north or south.Good soil fertility, full sun, high rainfall, southern growing area equals better than average growth. Which will in turn needs to be mown more than northern, cooler temps, average rainfall which equals less mowing.

Most people do not fertilize the grass of their choice depending upon mother nature to do all the work. Well maintained lawns are fertilized with the right amount and kind needed for that particular grass and on a schedule based on the growing season. This keeps the grass healthy and builds resistance to disease and insect damage

Underfeeding or overfeeding leads to thatch build up and lower resistance levels of the grass plant. Water schedules stabilize growing seasons and grasses that are not adapted to growing in the water don’t do well when left standing in over watered areas. Healthy lawns smother weeds but if your yard is plagued by the predecessors of last years crop then applications of weed killers at the appropriate time are essential.

Fertilize in Spring & Summer with approximately 15 lbs of a complete fertilizer per 1000 sq. ft. of lawn area. This is what will be called the main feeding of your zoysia lawn. To accomplish supplemental feedings, you can apply 2-3 lbs of Nitrogen for supplemental feedings to your Zoysia during the course of the growing season. Space these applications out about 50-60 days apart. Contact us today!

varieties are Jamur or Empire.

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